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Dr. Benasich and her work at the Infancy Studies Laboratory have had extensive exposure in the popular media.

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Other Coverage and Videos:

Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, “Amygdala and Language”, November 21, 2008

Science Daily, “Effect of Gamma Waves On Cognitive and Language Skills in Children”, October 21, 2008

ScienCentral, “Baby Talk & Brain Wave”, September 26, 2008

Time Magazine, “The Art of Simplexity”, June 12, 2008

Science Daily, “Impairments In Language Development Can Be Detected In Infants As Young As 3 Months Old”, April 15, 2008

Newspapers and Magazines

The New York Times

The Newark Star Ledger

Bergen Record

NY Times

Time Magazine

US News & World Report

Working Woman Magazine

Rutgers Focus


Radio Interviews

National Public Radio

WNNJ AM "One on One" with Paul Mencher

WNTI FM (Hackettstown, NJ)


Television Appearances

CBS Evening News

NBC Nightly News: Early Brain Development, 1998

NBC The Today Show:  Early Language Development, 1998

PBS Frontiers in American Science

PBS (Chicago) yielding a PBS Videotape: Ten Things Every Child Needs

(McCormick Tribune Foundation), 1999.  For more information click here.


Swiss Public TV “Telescope” Science Magazine: Program on Brain Plasticity, 2000

BBC Twenty-Twenty: Early Assessment and Intervention in SLI

Twenty-Twenty Magazine: Special Program, Dyslexic Children, 2000

PBS (Channel 13) and New Jersey Network: Science and Technology Report covering

research published in Behavioral Brain Research (produced by NJN), 2002, 2004, 2008.

BBC Series Child of Our Times: Report covering state-of-the-art assessment of a language

  delayed toddler, June, 2003.

         NJ News, PBS (Channel 13), 2006, 2007, 2008

         NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation: "The Origins of Disease", 2007, 2008

         ABC News Nightline, 2008

         ScienCentral News, 2008

         SFARI News: Size of infant's amygdala predicts language ability (SFARI: Simons

Foundation Autism Research Foundation), 2008

PBS (Channel 13): Plasticity and Learning in the Developing Brain, 2009

PBS (Channel 13): The New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness For Kids, 2009


Dr. Benasich has also been involved in a number of Public Policy Meetings including:

Society for Research in Child Development Public Relations Campaign, 1996,1997.

"Workshop To Explore the Implications of Brain Research For Improving Education for Young Children", Sponsored by The Education Commission of The United States and Office of The Governor, San Juan, PR.

Brain Development in Young Children: New Frontiers, 1996 -- (NICHD, Dana Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of NY, Harris Foundation & McCormick Tribune Foundation).

The Governor's Policy Conference on Early Childhood Development and Brain Research, Washburn University, Topeka, KS.

Video by The Science Network

December 2010

Video by Rutgers Today:  Cute Babies, Big Ideas

December 2010

“How the Brain Learns”,  US News and World Report, February 24, 2012

“Early Interventions: Baby Brains May Signal Later Language Problem”, research highlight from the National Science Foundation- funded Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, 2012

“How to Build a Better Learner”, Scientific American, August 2011

Cover article in the London Times Educational Supplement April 8, 2016


Rutgers Giving Day interview with Dr. Benasich. December 3, 2015


National Geographic Brain Games March 6, 2016